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Our goal is to slowly bring out products to enhance your RC experience, help organize your space in the pits and provide you with a high quality product at a competitive price.

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David and his young entrepreneur son AJ have really set the bar high when it comes to electrical cables in the hobby of RC.  One I want to touch on is the Pro Nitro Receiver Battery Charge Lead.  As all nitro racers know the hassle it can be to charge the receiver pack.  Well, SonRC has created a cable that will make charging your receiver pack a breeze without removing it from your car.  The craftsmanship is second to none with no cost spared. With different lengths available in 24 and 36 inches and incased in a black nylon sleeve it’s extremely durable.  This is a must have in ALL nitro racers pitbag.  Don’t waste your money on the cheap one, buy the right one first.  Buy the best one first from SonRC

Sean from Northern California

Our Products

Quality the first Time!

Pro Lead Cable

The SRC 1001 Pro Charge Lead Cable 4/5mm from SonRC for charging 1S and 2S battery packs with 4mm or 5mm receptacles. This Lead Cable has craftsmanship you will appreciate. This is a clean robust solution for those with the iCharger series battery chargers. It has premium 10 AWG silicon wire, 4mm/5mm combination connectors for charging packs of either 4mm or 5mm receptacles.  Rubber caps cover the unused connector to safeguard against accidents.  The balance port connects directly to your battery charger for convenience and ease of use.  A tight mesh cover keeps everything neat and organized.

This comes in 18 and 28 inch length versions.  

The SRC 1003 is the same cable but with a three pin Balance port connector to your battery charger for those not using the iCharger systems.

Nitro Lead Cable

This is the SRC 1005 Pro Nitro Charge Lead Cable allowing the users to charge directly through the balance connector without the need to remove the battery pack from your nitro car.  This SonRC Lead Cable has craftsmanship you will appreciate with additional heat shrink at the balance point connectors giving additional strength to this cable.

It comes in 24 or 36 inches lengths, allowing you to work effortless on your car while charging, with premium 14 AWG silicon wire going to battery with 4mm gold plated connectors and 20 AWG silicon wires connecting the balance plugs.  

Plug directly into you charger and the three pin JST connector will fit into your battery balance port, charging is recommended not to exceed 3 amps.  This is all wrapped in a tight mesh to keep your pits organized and clean. This is solution fits the popular iCharger series battery chargers. If you are tired and frustrated every time you need to remove your Nitro receiver pack to charge, you will want this cable in your RC toolbox.

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Father and Son Team

Here at SRC, we started making products with high quality since we saw ways to improve on what we are finding in the marketplace. This drove us to create our own RC parts and products. Our goal is to provide quality RC products to help improve your experience as a driver from a beginner to an expert, we bring the word quality to a whole new level. All of our Pro Product line of Cables are manufactured in the USA in an ISO 9001 certified production facility.

Our goal is to slowly bring out products to enhance your RC experience, help organize your space in the pits and provide you with a high-quality product at a competitive price.

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